Hello ,

My name is Franky COSTANZA , drummer for the french band BLAZING WAR MACHINE ( ex-DAGOBA).

I'm available to record drum tracks for your band or projects .

I'm specialized in Metal, Hard Rock , Rock , Punk, Hard Core...( from Glam Rock to Black & Death Metal....)

I record at my own « SERIAL DRUMMER Studio » ( Marseilles - FR )

The Studio Services (Location, Gear & Time ) are completely FREE for my recording sessions !

My Drumkit and Microphones are permanently installed and the Studio is always ready to record drum tracks.

Endorsed by Mapex ,Meinl,Remo... I have different drumkits , snare drums and dozens of cymbals available to get the best sounds for each situation.

I will do my best to respect your musical identity and enhance your songs .

I can also take multi-angle video of my recording sessions ; this can be interesting for the promotion of your project ( possible to use it for your teaser or multimedia part of your CD )



* 01 : All I need is a demo of your songs (MP3 or CD).

This should consist of :

- 1 / a stereo drumless guide track ( All instruments if possible with Click at low volume and without Drums) / ( The minimum is just : Guitar & Click )

- 2 / a stereo track of the same song with a basic drum machine programmation (This is not necessary but good for me to understand your songwriting and ideas very quickly)


* 02 : After some listening sessions , I'll tell you honestly if I really like the songs and if my drumming is the most adapted to your project.

Then , I can start working for your songs with the best drumkit configuration for your project .

* 03 : After my recording , I send you a rough mix ( mp 3 ) of my drum tracks.

When you have approved the results, I consolidate the tracks and send you all the individual tracks ( 24 bit 44.1Khz or 48Khz ) ( by DVD , Hard Disk or FTP server...) ; you can mix the drum tracks however you like and lay down the other instruments.

* 04 : If you are interested , email me at : franky_costanza@hotmail.com for prices and availability. ( Please write : DRUM RECORDING SESSION in the email object and copy and paste the following questions with your answers ; and add an MP3 of your music, if possible. )

1 / What is your name and contact information ( Band Name , Label , Location , Myspace , Facebook...) ?

2 / How many songs are you interested in getting drum tracks for ( with lenght & tempo for each song ) ? Is it a demo , Ep or LP Album ?

3 / Do you have a desired drumkit configuration for the recording ?

4 / When do you need the drum tracks completed?

For more informations , feel free to e-mail me at anytime

Thanks and Keep on Rockin' !!